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Multi Engine Instructor Ground School

What you'll be able to find on the inside.

  • MEI Essentials.

(Our Custom Curated Resources, FAA Handbooks, and More..)

Segment 1: Introduction.

Introduction, light twin safety considerations, loss of a powerplant and airplane performance results, V speeds and airspeed indicator markings. FAR 61.63, required training, endorsements required, using the ACS to determine what will be tested.

Segment 2: Principles of Flight.

Principles of flight – One engine inoperative, what makes an engine the critical engine, Engine failure memory items, feathering an engine.  Performance calculations including accelerate stop and go distances.

Segment 3: Vmc - Standards, and Weight and Balance.

Vmc – certification standards, factors that influence the Vmc speed, Vmc vs stall speed as altitude increase, performance of a Vmc demonstration, weight and balance. 

Segment 4: Multi-Engine Airplane Systems.

Multi Engine Airplane Systems – Fuel systems, cross-feed systems, Electrical systems, Constant Speed propellers, unfeathering accumulators. 


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