$500.00 USD

Include the online course pre-requisite.  

Non-Refundable Ground School Deposit for CFI Bootcamp

Thanks for your interest in a CFI Bootcamp Authorized Ground School.

The Purpose of this deposit to guarantee your seat in an upcoming CFI Bootcamp Live Ground Class.  

  • 7 Day Scenario Driven CFI Class
  • 3 Day Scenario Driven CFII Class

The option to add the required 100% online course to your deposit is also available. ( Prerequisite for 7 Day CFI Course Learners Only ).

By doing so, this will complete all of the neccessary ground pre - requisites needed before attending a class.  

PLEASE NOTE:  This deposit is NOT refundable or transferable to a different class.  Please do NOT pay the deposit until you are sure you can make the class you booked.

Please Complete before Continuing.

1. Register for your desired class date.

After Purchase and Registration.

*If you plan on flying with us.

You will be sent a seperate email with an Onboarding Document. Respond to the email and send back promptly..

Terms Below: 

This Deposit Guarantees a Spot within our 7 Day CFI Ground school or 3 Day CFII Ground School. Your deposit is not refundable and not transferable to another class. You have 24 hours after the time of booking to cancel this reservation before it becomes non-refundable.  

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