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Flight Training The Way I See It

Flight Training - The Way I See It is a Podcast Covering Essential News, like Regulation Changes, Training Tips to Improve your Flying and Opinion on a variety of issues. Hosted by Mike Shiflett, Director of Training at CFI Bootcamp. 


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Podcast - Ep. 37 - Season 2 

Episode 37: Handbook Release Dates, FSANA Takeaways, Airman Committee, Tips of the Month,

Join us this month as we unpack FSANA's 2023 Flight School Conference based held in Orlando FL, with training updates and more. Mike speaks on behalf of Handbook Release dates, and the Airman Training and Testing Committee Meeting. Finally closing out the show we shed light on 3 additional pro tips of the month. As always you can visit to learn more about how our training may serve your needs.

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Episode 1: - Introduction.

Podcast covering Essential News, like regulation changes, Training Tips to improve your Flying and Opinion on a variety of issues. Hosted by Mike Shiflett, Director of Training at CFI Bootcamp.

Episode 2:

Mike brings his unique perspective and insights to the program. There are recaps of major conferences and events, interviews with top people in the aviaion industry and of course Mike's unique and at time edgy options on what's right and what's wrong in flight training.

Always informative and always entertaining.

Episode 3:

On this weeks podcast we get to talk to Doug Peterman about his perspective on the Aviation Industry and why he decided to pursue a different avenue. We speak about two more apps we currently use here at CFI Bootcamp and last but not least we discuss how to be the perfect CFI.

Episode 4:

On this episode we discuss the upcoming publication of the ATP & Authorized Instructor ACS. We also talk about a few more apps we use at CFI Bootcamp and how a Groupon marketing Strategy should be approached.


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