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Flight Training The Way I See It

Flight Training - The Way I See It is a Podcast Covering Essential News, like Regulation Changes, Training Tips to Improve your Flying and Opinion on a variety of issues. Hosted by Mike Shiflett, Director of Training at CFI Bootcamp. 


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Podcast - Ep. 51 - Season 2 

Episode 51: Sport Pilot Proficiency Checks, CFI Training, and Protips.


This monthly Episode sheds light on Sport Pilot Proficiency Checks, CFI Training Tips, and Pro Aviation Tips! Join the action by checking out our Newsletter on

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Episode 39: New Jersey Flight Training, ForeFlight Tips & E6B Elimination

Join CFI Bootcamp in June as they head to Trenton, NJ, to provide comprehensive training for CFIs and CFIIs at Mercer County Community College. Are you a ForeFlight user? Discover an engaging and visually appealing way to teach risk management by utilizing the Profile View feature. Accessible through the FPL flight planning section of ForeFlight, Profile View offers a cross-sectional representation of your flight, complete with airspace and terrain information. As always we finish with our Pro Tips of the Month!

Episode 38: Key Takeaways from Redbird Migration, New Flight Training Conference, and PRO Tips for Pilots.

On this episode of "Flight Training the Way I See It" (April 2023 Newsletter) we discus three takeaways from the Redbird Migration from the FAA, including exploring electronic pilot certificates, killing the expiration dates on CFI certificates, and MOASIC. We also share insights from CFI Bootcamp's presentations at Sun-n-Fun and Redbird Migration, including "How to make over $100K per year as a full-time flight instructor" and "What's wrong with CFI Training." In addition, we are excited to announce the upcoming National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) Summit in October 2023. Don't miss out on these valuable insights and tips, including PRO Tips of the month, and visit for more information on CFI Bootcamp's Accelerated CFI Training Curriculum.

Episode 37: Handbook Release Dates, FSANA Takeaways, Airman Committee, Tips of the Month

Join us this month as we unpack FSANA's 2023 Flight School Conference based held in Orlando FL, with training updates and more. Mike speaks on behalf of Handbook Release dates, and the Airman Training and Testing Committee Meeting. Finally closing out the show we shed light on 3 additional pro tips of the month.

Episode 36: Aviation Instructor's Companion Guide, Bootcamp and FSANA, Best rate of climb, ACS latest Intel

We made it though the first month of 2023! Join us and tune in with us this month as we crack open 3 new tips geard to improve your flying! Mike explains why he wrote a companion guide to the Aviation Instructor's Handbook, and discusses how the best rate of climb for an airplane is determined. We also speak on CFI Bootcamp's sponsor at FSANA and what our objectives are for attending. Last but not least, we have additional info on the ACS and projections of a release time, you won't want to miss this.. As always you can visit to learn more about how our training may serve your needs.


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